the devil drinks kale poop

I can’t speak for you but waking up to a dirty house rarely happens ’round here. It instantly makes my husband want to start a new twitter handle (@tweetsfromthedevil) and screenshot the shit i text him. He says it will be “anonymous” and purely for “entertainment” but ugh. Whatever. Nothing entertaining about dishes in the sink, my wine glass not full and my throw pillows not being at a 90 degree angle!

Anyway, most mornings I make my kids breakfast and while its cooling (burning spicy potatoes) I make myself a morning drink. No not that kind of drink, a healthy one. My kids, especially the baby, loves him some kale and banana (sticking to the subject here) or anything not blended baby food related, really. . so its easy to make this option most mornings. My oldest kid loves most foods too, but he has something to say about everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Anyway I finished my drink and he looked over and said, “Good job Mom. You finished all your kale poop.”

My Favorite Kale “Poop” recipe

1 cup raw kale

1 banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

Use an amazing blender on the “smoothie” setting and  blend. Add half an apple or a bunch of strawberries, if you must, and enjoy your kale poop*.

*plan to spend some time on the shitter as you will be shitting but hey, guess what? Your body will thank you later. Bye!

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